"Brown Packaging has been providing us with superior service for many years. They are timely and prompt with introducing new products and consistently supplying current stock. It has been a pleasure to do business with them."
Donna Creighton, SIMON PEARCE

Machinery and Systems

Automated packaging machinery and systems is the core of what we do here at Brown Packaging. From standalone units, to fully automated packaging systems, it is a field that we have invested over more than the last 30 years.

We work with many different packaging machine manufacturers and packaging material suppliers to provide you with an overview approach to building the system that is right for you.

Our technicians, engineers, customer service and sales force are all here to provide you with the very best that the packaging industry has to offer.

Brown Packaging Inc. is proud of our partnership with the leading manufactures of packaging machinery and materials. In many cases this partnership goes back 20-30 years. While we are proud of these long standing relationships we have made additions to our vendor base that insures our customers have the latest packaging technologies.

Most new machinery includes servo driven components that enhance reliability, increase speed, and minimize costly maintenance. Materials are better, usually lower in cost due to yield gains and improved strength.

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