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Donna Creighton, SIMON PEARCE

Systems Integration

When a single machine cannot complete the desired packaging process Brown Packaging offers an extension to our service that truly define our "Total Package" concept. Brown System Integration can combine machines, conveyors and unique programming for custom packaging results. Your entire packaging process from one qualified source for wrapping, case packaging, palletizing and stretch wrapping. One call does it all, one source - one responsible party for the entire project.

We start with a technical analysis of your application. Not only the obvious "how fast" questions, we want to understand your needs for the entire process. Is it possible to stop product flow for routine maintenance or should we consider an in process accumulator or divert system. No detail is to small for us to consider, how often do you require product changeover, and is their ample time too change each station or will you require some form of accumulation at start up. Our experienced staff working in a partnership with you will determine the optimal system for your operation. This is the beginning of our "Total Package" program.

Special product handling is a common reason for a custom integrated packaging system. When you need to count, stack, tip or turn this group; we will provide a complete system that could include machines from many manufactures. No one manufacturer produces the best machine for every function, that is why we use our years of practical experience to assist you in determining the optimal packaging line.

Integrated Machinery, Integrated Materials, Integrated Service & Integrated after Sales Support that's the Brown Packaging "Total Package" difference you can count on. From concept to implementation, to long after the sale; you can rely on Brown Packaging to be your long term partner.

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