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OK International Group

OK International Group logoThe OKI Group is a global manufacturer of integrated packaging automation systems.

Supersystem Packing Lines

OK International is the only company in the world that designs and manufactures complete turnkey bag in box packing lines consisting of case erectors, bag inserters, weighers, bag closers, case sealers and conveyors, predominantly in stainless steel.

Supertaper Case Sealers Automatic

OKI premium case sealers are designed for automatic packing lines and have features such as PLC controls, a floating top taping head, low tape and no tape signals, in-feed and discharge control, and very quick and easy size changes.

Superliner Polybag Inserters

The OKI Group is a world leader in the design, manufacture, and installation of Polybag-in-Box Bag Inserter Systems...around which we build complete Bulk Packing Line solutions to meet the extensive needs of the market in numerous industries and applications..

Supertaper Case Sealers Semi Automatic

Our heavy duty semi-automatic case sealers facilitate quick and efficient case packing and sealing. The machines can be fitted with a variety of options such as in-feed and discharge conveyors and case packing stations.

Supercloser Polybag Decuffer Closer

Multi-station, stainless steel, bag uncuffer folders and heat-sealers, proven in automatic packing lines around the world.


OKI design and manufacture standard individual conveyors up to custom conveyor systems, built to your exact specifications.

Superfiller Oils and Fats Weighfillers

High speed and accuracy weigher/fillers for bulk semi-liquid oils and fats such as shortening and margarine.


The OKI Group supplies a comprehensive range of Roll Stock Film and Pre-Made Bags on a Roll for all OKI and K&R Polybag Inserter Systems. In North America we also offer a range of high quality tape products for automatic applications.

Superformer Case Erectors

A comprehensive line of automatic case erectors and bottom sealers with tape or hot-melt. Each case is electronically squared to provide enhanced cosmetics and consistency throughout the line.

Bag Sealers 

OKI offers an extensive range of the most advanced, high tech, heavy duty Stainless Steel or Painted Hot Air Sealers, Band Sealers, and Bag & Pouch Handling Systems for a wide range of demanding bag sealing application.

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